Report: WWE Interested In Signing Rob Van Dam Yet Again

Despite a report earlier this week following the big Raw 15th Anniversary show stating otherwise, there is some rumblings within WWE that the company is interested in bringing back Rob Van Dam full-time and that his appearance on the anniversary show could be the start of things to come.


RVD opted to not sign a new deal with WWE this year and made his last appearance back at the One Night Stand PPV on June 3. He did state in interviews following his WWE run that he wanted to take time off from the road for a while.

Strong sources that I have spoken with have indicated that WWE has some strong interest in bringing him back and although RVD did speak with TNA, the company wasn't able to come close to matching his asking price. Van Dam supposedly wants to stay with the WWE and the WWE wants to keep Van Dam. According to sources, it's just a matter of time before the deal's done.