Ric Flair Update, New WWE DVDs In 08, Backlash Tickets

Source ? Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– As of right now, the current plan is for Ric Flair not to work house shows. He will continue his retirement angle on television during the road to WrestleMania.


– During the December 29th WWE house show in Baltimore, Maryland it was announced that tickets for WWE Backlash pay-per-view will go on sale February 16, 2008. Backlash will be held live on April 27th at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

– Following up on an earlier report here on the site, below are DVDs slated to be released by WWE in 2008:

* The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin – 02/12/2008
* Triple H: King of Kings – 03/25/2008
* Evolution of the Hardys – 05/06/2008
* The Rock – 06/03/2008
* Best of Starrcade – 07/08/2008
* Summer Slam Anthology – 08/05/2008
* Life and Times of Mr. Perfect – 08/05/2008
* Edge – 11/04/2008
* Randy Savage: Macho Madness – 11/18/2008
* Sting – 12/09/2008


As reported earlier, this is the first time they have done anything on Randy Savage or Sting. It will be interesting to see if they still release the Sting DVD if he signs a new contract with TNA.