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Ron Killings joined earlier this week for his first shoot since leaving Total Nonstop Action. Killings spoke for 35 minutes about all aspects of his career. Topics include covering up for Pacman's Jones inability to get physical, going from K-Krush to K-Kwik, what Jerry Jarrett told him prior to his NWA Title Win, why Konnan was unhappy in TNA, Three Live Crew, the Youtube Raps, VKM, TNA's thoughts on WWE's reaction to them, whether it was realistic, Kurt Angle's spot, why he didn't affect the company as much as people might have thought, Lucha psychology vs. American psychology, Curt Hennig, Scott Hall, and much more.


James Guttman welcomes Ron Killings to the show and starts off with the question on everyone's mind right now – His TNA departure. Guttman asked him about his future plans right off the bat. Ron laughed and answered.

"I'm fine, man. A lot of music. Doing a lot of auditions for movies, man. More roles like that and, of course, I'm going back to wrestling too."

James says that many stars need to branch out to expand their horizons in today's business. JG was also surprised that TNA didn't make a bigger play to keep him, especially after the Pacman Jones angle. Killings agreed.

"It was a mutual thing, you know. They're up and running now, which is good and I'm happy for TNA so it was a mutual thing. I just got to the point, man, where I wanted to broaden my horizons. I wanted to do different things a bit."


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In progress, James and Ron have just finished discussing the Youtube Raps from his car. Killings had spoken about TNA's reasoning and what they expected from it (and whether they had realistic expectations). JG asks about John Cena. Big rumors went around that there was heat between Killings and John. Ron says there wasn't.

"There was never any heat between me and John."

Guttman asks if that comes up at times because of the similarities in their gimmicks. Killings says it does. When he left WWE, John came in doing the rap gimmick. He hears about it a lot, but it's all just "rumors."

James then asks about another star that Ron has been alongside for a lot of his career – B.G. James. They were a team in WWE and then in TNA.

"It's like working with a brother. He's cool. Down to Earth. I learned a lot from him."

Guttman says that B.G. has that laid back style and is a white guy that can rap up a storm. Killings says he's quick-witted and always keeps you on your toes. He's someone Killings learned a lot from.

With that, it's time for the question that most people ask about. Pacman Jones. JG asks Ron what it was like when he first learned he would be teaming with Pacman.


"My first thoughts on it?uh, I was excited when I heard about it, first of all. My cousin's a big football fan and he filled me in on all the dirt sheets. The good, the bad, the ugly of it. I was excited about it. I thought it could benefit me. It could benefit TNA as well. It could benefit Spike. Cause he was so widely in the media's eye, you know? I was excited about coming in working with him, man. It was almost like challenging because they had turned this bad picture of him, man, and everyone's perspective of him was like a monster, you know? Upon getting there, man and meeting him, getting to know him personally, and he and I still talk even now. He's a hell of a dude, bro. "

JG gives Ron a chance to speak to his fans directly. Killings tells them to keep an eye out and then busts a rhyme for all listening. That ends the interview and part one of the 99th edition of Radio Free Insanity. Be sure to head to or to hear part two – 2007's Top Five Moments of Insanity!