Scott Hall Is Back, TNA Offices Shutdown, Senshi's Release, More

Scott Hall worked for Insane Clown Posse's Juggalo Championship Wrestling promotion in Pontiac, Michigan last night. Hall wrestled in the main event teaming with ICP's Violent J and Nosawa against The Thomasellis. This was Hall's first in-ring appearance since no-showing the TNA Turning Point PPV earlier this month. Hall also no-showed several bookings for Carlos Colon's WWC promotion in Puerto Rico. Hall was said to be in good spirits backstage and was admitting he was wrong for no-showing the TNA Turning Point PPV as well as a few recent WWC shows.


TNA's office shut down for the holidays yesterday and will be back to business as usual after New Year's.

While Senshi took up an offer from TNA to be released from the company, a decision was made for him to remain with the company to help put others over before he left.

TNA has announced an event in Austin, Texas on January 10. The company will tour the state on January 9 in Belton, January 10 in Austin, January 11 in Dallas and then January 12 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.