Tajiri Turns Down WWE Return Offer, Hogan/'Mania Update, Guerrero/WWE

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Johnny Ace recently offered Tajiri a WWE contract to return. He rejected the offer.

There has been talk of ending the Vickie Guerrero as SmackDown General Manager angle. The feeling is that it would tie up the storyline between her and Long with her removal from the position. But never fear Vickie Guerrero fans, WWE plans on giving her another television role should she be removed from her General Manager position. Because of her situation, Guerrero is the one person that no one in WWE would ever publicly say anything negative about. However, people understand that she is not an actress and has no pro wrestling training, but everyone is sympathetic to her. Although, given her limitations, many people believe that she always did a good job.

The son of former WWE star Steve "Skinner" Keirn was training to be a wrestler at Florida Championship Wrestling's facilities. However, the son recently quit, which was the talk of things down there because Keirn runs Florida Championship Wrestling.

Jimmy Hart has been trying to convince Hogan to come back for Wrestlemania. Of course, the natural connection is that Hogan is doing "The American Gladiators" on NBC, so they could do a cross-promotional vehicle on USA.

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