Ted DiBiase Jr. Wins Title, Sunny Interview and more

Last night Ted DiBiase Jr. became the Southern Heavyweight Champion of Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory. Dibiase, son of the legendary Million Dollar Man, defeated "The Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson with – what else, the Million Dollar Dream.


WWE continues to enjoy success overseas. The company's December 5th SmackDown show in Belfast, Northern Ireland did a sellout of 7,500 fans. The show the next night in Frankfurt, German did a crowd of 8,000 which was very close to a sellout.

Earlier this week Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was a guest on "Fight Network Radio" (Hardcore Sports Radio, Sirius Channel 186). She had a lot to say about the possibility of returning to WWE full time, her appearance at the RAW Anniversary special and much more. Here's what Sunny had to say about a number of topics:

Getting Back In Shape::

I actually have to give all the credit to my boyfriend. He's the one who got my butt back in the gym, got my ass in gear, got me back on my old diet. And pretty much got me back into shape, back into "Sunny shape". And it's great, because Monday night I'm walking around the show and seeing all my old friends and co-workers, and they were like, "You look like Sunny from 1997. You haven't changed a bit." Little do they know it took a lot of work like Sunny again (Laughs).


Returning To WWE Full Time:

Well, I don't want to jinx it, I don't want to say too much, I don't want to put any false ideas out there. But there were a few very important people that I spent some time with on Monday, so you never know. You never know what can happen in the WWE. And you know my old saying: "What Sunny wants, Sunny gets." And Sunny wants another contract. (Laughs) So, we'll see what happens. I'm still good for one more good run on TV and that's what I'm hoping to get out of this whole thing. So, you never know, we'll see what happens. But having that little taste of the limelight and a little taste of the crowd going crazy really brought back to my mind where I belong and what I should be doing, and that's working for the WWE and being on TV again.

Beating Her "Demons":

I really don't know exactly what the turning point was. Everything changed in my life almost overnight, and I don't know. I just became a different person altogether. And one thing led to another and it caused me to get healthy and get back in shape. So, whatever it was that actually changed my life I'm very grateful for.