What Does The 'CM' In CM Punk Stand For? Teddy Hart's Firing, More

CM Punk revealed what the 'CM' in his name stands for at an AIDS event he attended two weeks ago. He told the crowd that it stands for 'Cookie Master', a nickname that dates back to childhood, courtesy of his mother. "I was a fat little kid very fond of cookies so my mother called me Cookie Master," he said. This was revealed in this article in The Mississauga News.

Candice Michelle has posted a new blog on WWE.com. She talks about how her health has been holding up the past few weeks. She reveals that the orthopedic surgeon that worked on her said it would take approximately 12 weeks for her injury to heal. Her injury took place seven weeks ago today, so five weeks to go. She should be good to go in mid-January. In the blog, Candice also notes that the promo Ric Flair did two weeks ago made her tear up.

Teddy Hart was recently interviewed by Peter Rosenberg of New York hip hop music station Hot 97. Here are the highlights:

The Life of a Wrestler:
Teddy was very outspoken about the life of today's professional wrestlers. They work without health, dental or life insurance and have no union benefits. He was quick to mention that he's not suggesting a union and does not know enough about the subject to give an opinion. He continued talking about the tough schedule of working 200 shows a year. Many of the guys get "trapped" because they don't save their money well and they get caught up in the lifestyle very quickly. He gave top guys like John Cena and Batista a lot of credit for keeping up at that pace while still remaining in top physical condition.

Getting Fired from WWE:
During his time in WWE's developmental territories, Teddy felt like he was held to a different set of rules than others. He was told he could do his normal routine and he was getting good feedback from the trainers. He never injured anybody while working at OVW or in Florida. He was told that he would be called up to WWE television very soon. About a week before he was scheduled to make his WWE debut, he got a phone call early in the morning informing him that he was being released. At first he was not given a reason. Later he was told that management was upset he did not help set up the ring and he was wearing the wrong outfits. He did what he was supposed to do, but it didn't matter.

The New Hart Foundation:
Teddy thinks they would not have gotten a fair shake. Triple H and Shawn Michaels still have heat with Bret and he thinks that would have affected the Hart Foundation's push. He hopes Bret can "find the courage" to go back on WWE television, because the fans still love him and wrestling is more about the fans than the wrestler or his ego.

Working as a Trainer:
He is hesitant to continue performing as a pro wrestler. He loves the industry but said he may be better suited as a trainer, helping the younger guys with their diet, nutrition as well as their physical and mental health. Teddy put over the New Hart Dungeon wrestling school, which is located in Calgary. Anybody who is interested in the school can call (403) 262-5060.

Most Painful Moves:
When Peter Rosenberg asked him about which moves hurt the most, Teddy said dives to the outside of the ring as well as top rope leg drops and headbutts.

His Uncles:
He talked about training with Bret, Owen and Jim Neidhart as a kid. One of his favorite memories is when Owen taught him how to do a backflip.

Harry Smith:
Teddy called Harry Smith the "best overall wrestler on earth right now". Despite his young age, Harry has a tremendous knowledge of wrestling moves.

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