Backstage TNA Morale/Locker-Room News, Abyss' Mother, **SPOILERS**, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The morale backstage in TNA is said to be up because they held a number of house shows over the last month and so a number of guys got to work. One of the reasons for the low morale — particularly for the younger wrestlers — is that in TNA, you only work a few days per month and the matches are often brief due to television time constraints. A number of wrestlers enjoy working house shows more because everyone is allowed to go out there and do what they do best, which is wrestle. One wrestler said that the house shows were better than any pay-per-view TNA has ever done. On the flipside, the downside to TNA house shows is that attendance has largely been dismal and the wrestlers don't earn much money from them.


TNA taped an upcoming pay-per-view barbed wire match between Abyss and Judas Mesias at last week's Impact tapings. The reason for this is because with the Against All Odds PPV taking place in South Carolina, the commission would not allow them to do the match. The commission approved the plan at first, but later changed their minds. Because it had already been billed, TNA opted to tape the match at the most recent set of tapings. They will insert the match during the Against All Odds PPV like it was taking place live.

As the storyline goes, Parks' is Abyss' mother's maiden name, but his "real name" in TNA is Chris Mitchell after Father James Mitchell revealed that he was his father on Impact two weeks ago. Internally, some people have been complaining about the angle — saying that it's awful — but they were told, "Just wait until you find out where it's going."