Big Backstage Heat On HHH Involving Jericho & Booker T

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While HHH has his friends in the locker room, the general feeling is that he still uses his political power to hold people back when he feels like they are getting too hot and could become a threat to him. John Cena is said to be one of the few people who blew up that HHH didn't try to hold back.


HHH is even less liked now than he was before his injury. The Game's paranoia of losing his spot on the card dates all the way back to the MSG incident in 1996 when the clique broke character in front of a live audience, and for years he was punished for the actions of Michaels, Hall & Nash.

When Booker T was rising in popularity, HHH was widely seen as part of the reason he left WWE for TNA. HHH felt that he couldn't have a competitive match with Booker, because Booker had just done competitive matches with Jerry Lawler, a 58-year-old announcer. Booker T, who was well-liked in the locker room, had been in talks with TNA even prior to SumerSlam and the straw that broke the camel's back was his suspension. The Game got even more heat on himself when he made some comments about Chris Jericho's return that didn't go over well with the guys backstage.


HHH's former Evolution partner Randy Orton is seen as one of the only people who stand up to him and Shawn Michaels backstage, but at this point in his career, HHH is basically untouchable.