Big Brooke Hogan Correction, 2 Major WWE Injuries, & More News

I made a huge mistake earlier when I noted Brooke Hogan would be judging a porn contest. It's actually a prom contest. The story is right but the title of the post was incorrect. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to those who sent emails noting the correction.


Mike sent this in: I've had an HD set for about 5 years now, and Comcast has NEVER offered any of their inDemand PPV services in HD, even if the event is being filmed in HD. I first noticed this with boxing events that were broadcasting their jump to HD, yet the HD feed not being offered by Comcast. I assumed the first HD WWE PPV would get the same treatment, but I've never been able to get a straight answer as to why it's set up that way.

Here is an updated list of World Wrestling Entertainment's best selling DVDs for 2007. Please note that this is only January through November, but it's still a good idea of which DVDs sold best:

1. Wrestlemania – 347,000 copies
2. New and Improved DX – 213,000 copies
3. The Ladder Match – 205,000 copies
4. John Cena: My Life – 133,000 copies
5. Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man – 124,000 copies
6. HBK: Heartbreak and Triumph – 112,000 copies


Kenny Dykstra has missed recent action due to a knee injury.

Jesse of the Jesse & Festus tag team on Smackdown has a broken hand. It remains to be seen how serious the injury is and how long he will be out of action.