Big Updates: Big Show's WWE Return, HD/WWE, Dawn Marie/ROH, Loads More

For those who missed it and I know weekends are always slower than normal traffic wise, The Big Show - real name Paul Wight - is returning to WWE. He left WWE in the beginning of December 2006 after dropping the ECW title to Bobby Lashley during the Elimination Chamber match at the ECW pay-per-view 'December to Dismember'. Show wrestled another match following the PPV on ECW on Sci Fi and eventually it was his last match with the company. Since he moved to ECW in June of that same year, Show went on a roll and won the ECW title on the July 4th edition of ECW on Sci Fi by defeating Rob Van Dam. Show said at the time that he was leaving because he needed his injuries to heal up.

Dawn Marie was backstage at this weekend's Edison, NJ show. As I once again noted over the weekend, she was simply there visiting friends (Daniel Puder & others). I expect her in TNA at some point.

With RAW starting to broadcast in HD on January 21st on USA Network, Smackdown! will follow that same week and the first SD! show in HD will be on January 25th on the CW Network. Last year CW announced that all their original programming will be making the switch to high-definition including the WWE show. The Royal Rumble will also be shown in HD and all the shows from that week onwards will be broadcast in HD including ECW on Sci-Fi. WWE has reportedly spent over $20 million in purchasing new equipment and upgrade their TV and mobile facilities for the high-def switch.

You can check out a video of Hulk Hogan on Rachel Ray by clicking here.

There are apparently no plans to broadcast the Royal Rumble in HD in the UK.

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Jay Briscoe was knocked out during he and his brother Mark's match on Friday in Boston when he took a superkick wrong from Jigsaw.

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ROH will return to Boston, MA on 4/11 and Edison, NJ on 4/12.

Photos from the Boston, MA show can be seen by going to and clicking on the ROH banner.

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