Changes for Wrestling Inc. in 2008

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year from everyone here at! 2007 was an amazing year as we celebrated our 10th anniversary as the top pro wrestling news site on the internet and 2008 will be even better.


Starting next week, I will bring back my column 'The Wrestling Gazette', which will now be called 'The Daily Inc.' and will feature daily news and commentary from Monday to Friday.

Also, with the growth of TNA, we will start having live coverage of TNA PPV events, with the first one being this Sunday's Final Resolution PPV.

We are working on adding a ton of new features, which should go live by WrestleMania weekend.

Finally, we will start being more liberal with our Top Stories section. Currently we only put huge stories there, as well as WWE PPV results. We will now also include TNA PPV results, as well as major stories that we wouldn't have put up last year (for example, Booker T joining TNA or Hulk Hogan returning to WWE for Raw).


Keep checking the site out daily as we add more features. We would like to thank you all again for our continued success, and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2008!


Raj Giri