DH Smith, More On Why SD! Star Switched To RAW, New WWE Talent, More

This week's edition of Heat features Hardcore Holly vs. Trevor Murdoch, Snitsky vs. Super Crazy, DH Smith vs. a local wrestler, and in his Raw brand debut, Drew McIntyre takes on Charlie Haas. You can watch Heat at WWE.com.


Speaking of McIntyre, he was moved to Raw because officials couldn't seem to find him any television time on SmackDown. Seeing how SmackDown doesn't have a B-show, that left him with almost no television time. McIntyre started working some Raw brand house shows at the end of December and he's now an official member of the Raw roster. His profile was moved to the Raw Superstars section on WWE.com yesterday.

Former Spirit Squad member Nick "Nicky" Nemeth worked a dark match with Nunzio before last week's SmackDown/ECW taping in Richmond, VA. Nemeth was introduced as "The Natural" and reportedly got more heat with his gimmick than anyone else on the show, including Vince McMahon. Nemeth came out with a huge bodyguard who Nick called "Big Rob" when speaking on the mic. "Big Rob" is a former competition bodybuilder by the name of Rob Terry. He was described as looking like Chris Masters did at his biggest, except even bigger and more muscular. He is 27 years old, 6-4, in the neighborhood of 285 to 295 pounds, and was signed to a developmental contract last year even though he had no prior wrestling experience. He's currently appearing at Florida Championship Wrestling shows. You can see his photo on their site at FCWWrestling.com.