ECW Sci-Fi Report - New ECW Champion Crowned

- ECW Sci-Fi opens up with a video promo showing Edge's appearance last week and the match with Chavo and Punk.

- ECW opens up with a new intro video and new graphics.

Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
The new set for ECW is just like the one on RAW last night. Kane is the first Superstar out for this match. John Morrison and The Miz come out next, followed by Tommy Dreamer and Shelton Benjamin.


Morrison and The Miz start working on Kane and Shelton is battling Dreamer in the corner. Kane tries to eliminate Miz first then begins to fight with Dreamer which eventually sees Dreamer go over the top rope. Morrison, Miz and Shelton team up and try to take Kane down. Shelton drops Kane with a bulldog but gets attacked by Miz and Morrison.

Kane gets up and begins to lay out every other Superstar in the ring. He tries to throw Shelton over but he hangs on. Kane grabs Morrison and Miz by the throat and throws them both over. Shelton Benjamin is still hanging over the top rope and he pulls Kane over the top rope with his legs.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Shelton gets on the mic and says this was the first step. The next is Royal Rumble then WrestleMania. He finishes with his "THERE AIN'T NO STOPPING ME NOW!" phrase.


- Kelly Kelly is shown walking to the ring for the Best Body Contest in a red robe as we go to commercial.

- Jonathan Coachman is in the ring and he welcomes us to the Best Body Contest. Out first is Layla in a black robe. Out next is Lena Yada in knee high boots and a dark blue robe. Finally it's Kelly Kelly in her sexy red robe.

Coachman says last week's Dance Off got screwed because Lena overstepped her boundaries, so he is being in charge tonight. The music hits and Coach starts dancing. Coach finally has to tell Layla to start her routine. Layla undressed to an average pop reveal a sexy black and silver bikini and she does her dance. Lena Yada is next and she takes off her robe to another average pop from the crowd to reveal a white bikini, and she too does her dance. Last but not least, it's Kelly Kelly who gets the biggest pop from the fans and takes off her red robe to reveal a very sexy pink bikini. Kelly climbs the turnbuckle and shows off to the crowd for the biggest pop out of the three.

Coach asks the fans again, should Layla, Lena or Kelly win the competition. Lena and Layla both got boo'd the most and Kelly got the huge pop for Coach to announce her the winner of tonight's Best Body Contest.


Winner: Kelly Kelly

Kelly begins to celebrate but gets attacked by Lena and Layla and thrown to the mat, then the two walk off as Kelly looks on.

- CM Punk is shown in the back getting ready for his match later on with Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship.

- Kofi Kingston comes out for his debut. Joey Styles hypes him as WWE's first Jamaican Superstar.

David Owens vs. Kofi Kingston
Owens tries to overpower Kofi early on but Kofi responds with a smile on his face and a few nice moves with his legs. It seems like Kofi would look a lot better if he were wrestling someone other than Owens. Kofi mounts a nice offense including a splash, a dropkick and other aerial moves. Kofi's finisher looks to be a double leg drop across his opponent. Kofi gets the pinfall after a spinning kick in his ECW debut.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

- Edge and Chavo Guerrero are in the back talking. Vickie walks in and says she wasn't going to miss this match tonight. She says tonight is Chavo's night and the whole family is here to see it.

- A promo video airs for the Royal Rumble citing various interesting Rumble related facts on Steve Austin, HBK, Mick Foley and other stats.

- Back from commercial. A video shows highlighting SmackDown last week with Rey Mysterio and Edge. Armando Estrada, Vickie, Edge and Chavo are shown in the back talking as we go back to commercial.


- Back from commercial and Tazz is in the ring with Colin Delaney, who is all bandaged up. Tazz shows him a video on the screen of Delaney's 4 matches in ECW over the past month. Tazz asks him if his mom knows he is here doing this and he shakes his head no. Tazz introduces Colin's opponent tonight... The Great Khali.

Colin Delaney vs. The Great Khali
Colin just stands there as Khali approaches him and puts his chest in his face. Khali drops Colin with a forearm over the top of the head. Khali picks him up with two hands by the neck and just drops him.

Khali puts the vice grip on Colin's head as he goes out and the ref rings for the bells.

Winner: The Great Khali

- Back from a short commercial break and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion Edge who will be joining Tazz and Joey Styles for commentary. Back to commercial.

ECW Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk
The match is announced as a No DQ match up. Chavo comes out first followed by the ECW Champion CM Punk.

Punk starts off with a nice offense with a series of knees into Chavo in the corner. Punk continues in control and takes the cover off the top turnbuckle but Chavo hits him from behind and finishes taking the padding off the turnbuckle. They try to throw each other into it but Chavo takes control but gets blocked again. On the apron fighting now, Punk kicks Chavo onto the floor and dives through the ropes onto Chavo.


They continue fighting on the floor with Punk in control, using the steps. Punk tries to suplex Chavo but Guerrero counters and drops his ribs over the steel steps. Back in the ring, Chavo continues to work on the ribs of CM Punk.

Chavo continues to take control, concentrating on Punk's ribs. Punk finally gets a move in with a running clothesline and both men are down. Punk with a series of kicks and a running knee to the face. Punk blocks the exposed turnbuckle and hits a running bulldog on Chavo followed by a 2 count. Punk goes to climb the top turnbuckle and jump at Chavo but Guerrero kicks Punk in the ribs in mid air. Chavo begins to hit his 3 Amigos trio of suplexes and goes to the top rope. Chavo misses from the top and Punk drops him face first on the exposed turnbuckle and then hits the GTS on Chavo. Edge runs in and lays Punk out with a Spear.

Chavo Guerrero covers CM Punk and gets the 1-2-3.

Winner and new ECW Champion: Chavo Guerrero

Chavo and Edge celebrate in the ring as The Edgeheads wheel Vickie Guerrero out in the wheelchair to join the celebration. The five of them celebrate in the ring as we go to a replay of how Chavo won the ECW Championship from CM Punk with the help of Edge.


They continue the celebration in the middle of the ring as ECW goes off the air.