Elimination Chamber PPV Update, J.R.'s Mistake, & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

Thanks to Andrew for sending this in: WWE has put up their No Way Out mini-site for this year's event. There's nothing on there except wallpaper and event history, but the main graphic, and the wallpaper itself. Similar to the picture in the new WWE Magazine and on Raw last night, Jeff Hardy is shown underwater, in chains, clearly inside the Elimination Chamber.


Thanks to Erik Ganzerli for sending this in: don't know if you already mentioned this, but during the Preview Show which is airing in the United Kingdom on Sky's PPV channel Jack Korpela mentioned commenting the Royal Rumble Match that the superstars in the match will enter with an interval of 90 seconds between each other. Last time the match had a 90 seconds interval between each enter was in 2006 and the match was halfway through the show.

Thanks to Michael Weaver, Jr. for sending this in: During WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy's entrance on RAW, Jim Ross stated that Hardy hopes to follow in Hulk Hogan's and Triple H's footsteps in holding both the WWE Heavyweight Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. Good Ol' JR was mistaken in the fact that it wasn't Hogan but Ultimate Warrior who was the first man to hold both championships. JR is entitled to make mistakes as we all are but I thought people would like to know the correct information.