Finlay Turns 50, JBL Notes, Bad News For Linda Hogan, & More

Happy Birthday to WWE star Finlay, who celebrates his 50th birthday today.

JBL was on the "Opie and Anthony" radio show this morning. It wasn't announced what time his segment will take place, but the show ran from 6am-9am on FM radio and then 9am-11am on XM satellite radio.


Bad news for Linda Hogan. Her motion to freeze her husband Hulk Hogan's assets immediately has been turned down. Judge George Greer decided the matter was not the emergency Linda claimed and has set a hearing for February 28th to discuss these issues. Linda also wants Hulk to be banned from coming to the family's Bellaire mansion (as seen on their VH-1 reality series) or the Clearwater beach house without her permission. No ruling has been made on those issues.