Full TNA Impact Taping Results *Spoilers* (01/24)

Credit: Alex Hernandez & PWInsider


*Impact opens with Kevin Nash calling out Jim Cornette. Matt Morgan comes out instead and they exchange words. Morgan attacks Nash and Samoa Joe makes the save.


*Robert Roode & James Storm defeated Sonjay Dutt & Eric Young. After the match, Ms. Brooks attacked Banks.

*They gave out the TNA Year-End Awards:

- Jay Lethal won X-Division Wrestler of 2007. Lethal, in a serious voice not doing the Macho Man deal, said he had lost his smile due to 3D's torture but would take it out on Johnny Devine tonight.

- Knockout of 2007 was Gail Kim, who cut a promo on Awesome Kong. Kong attacked Kim but ODB made the save.

- The Most Memorable Moment was Booker T coming to the company. He and Sharmell accepted and Robert Roode appeared on the video screen cutting a promo saying it was Booker's fault Roode struck Sharmell at the PPV.

- MVP of the Year was Samoa Joe. Joe asks Jeremy Borash if he's the MVP, why hasn't he had a World title match. Borash tells him that he did, but he lost to Kurt Angle. Joe lays out Borash. This brings out Jim Cornette who says he has an offer for Joe, which is to be the Guest Enforcer in the Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage match at Against All Odds and have a TNA title match at Destination X. Joe declines and says he wants a five year deal and 15% higher salary than Kurt Angle gets. Cornette reluctantly agrees.


*Shark Boy pinned Elix Skipper with a stunner, doing a Stone Cold gimmick right down to the promo.

*Johnny Devine won the X-Division championship from Jay Lethal in a Street Fight after Team 3D's interference. Devine was attacked by Joe after winning the belt.

*Backstage, TNA champ Kurt Angle tried to enlist Tomko's aid against Christian Cage, promising him everything AJ Styles gets, including Karen, if he does it. Tomko blows off Angle saying he's married. Angle says that they are talking about Karen, not some stripper. Tomko attacks Angle and they brawl to ringside. Angle challenges Tomko to a singles match next week.

*Tiger Mask & Curry Man defeated Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt.

*TNA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Tomko defeated Team 3D and the Motor City Machineguns in a Three-Way. Karen Angle got knocked off the apron and was carried to the back by Styles, but Tomko still overcame the odds and won the match.

*Judas Mesias defeated an unnamed opponent.

*Hernandez pinned Kip James, who fired Roxxi after the match.

*Shark Boy did another Steve Austin-like promo, stunning Slick Johnson and security.

*Team 3D and X-Division champion do a promo and are interrupted backstage by the Motor City Machineguns and Jay Lethal via the big screen. 3D and Devine go backstage and brawl with Lethal and the Machineguns, getting the better of them.


*Angelina Love defeated Roxxi and ODB.

*Christian Cage defeated Judas Mesias. After the match, Abyss attacked Mesias. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles attacked Cage. Tomko made the save.