Jim Ross Speaks On The Royal Rumble, Hardy & More

Jim Ross is back with another blog, he gives his thoughts on last night's WWE Royal Rumble and more. Below is Jim Ross' complete blog:

The Royal Rumble was a fun show, certainly had its moments, including the surprise return of the controversial, John Cena, who won the 30-man Rumble match after eliminating HHH.


A huge crowd of over 20,000 sold out Madison Square Garden and the fans had their usual impact on the event, including booing, popular, Rey Mysterio because one can assume they simply wanted to support Rey's opponent, Edge, more. You pay your cash so boo or cheer who you choose, just don't sit on your hands.

I am happy Ric Flair is still in business, but one would assume the next man to dance with "Naitch" will be Kennedy.

JBL-Jericho will almost undoubtedly meet again but don't expect any catch as catch can classic from these two. Bowling shoe ugly brawls are more likely.

I was pulling for Jeff Hardy and was disappointed when his effort to go to the next level and win the WWE Title failed. Hardy winning the title would have certainly thrown a wrench in the WWE Title picture, not that the return of John Cena doesn't make things "interesting."


The King and I drove down to Philly last night arriving this morning at 3. Luckily, Raw starts tonight on the USA networks HD channel at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. It looks as if a huge crowd will be on hand in Philly, which is generally one of the WWE's loudest and rowdiest crowds. Got to love it!

Nice to see our old friend Mike Adamle on the WWE team and he will be on Raw, as best I can tell. Mike was thrown in the "live fire" at MSG and survived it. Tonight's Raw should address the WWE's next PPV "No Way Out," which is only 3 weeks away in Las Vegas. I expect some big news out of tonight's show. No doubt tonight's RAW will be a touch of Bedlam.

Are you tired of the Super Bowl hype yet and the condition of Pats QB Touchdown Tommy Brady's ankle yet? Me too.

Our store is open and we just shipped a large order of sauces and ketchup to the Tazz residence, for which we appreciate.

More blogs coming.

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