Lashley's Website Confirms Release, Lesnar On WWE, More News

The following announcement was posted at the top of Bobby Lashley's official web site under today's date: Lashley Not Returning If you're a wrestling fan then I am sure you've all heard all the latest news all over the internet. Well, as posted by Bobby on Tuesday, on the forum, due to circumstances beyond his control he made the decision to part ways with WWE. Lashley will be speaking more on this matter when he can. Please stay tuned to the site to find out whats next in Lashley's career.


Brock Lesnar told the Associated Press the following in regards to his tenure in WWE, "I enjoyed it, but after a while, I felt like I was a caged animal, you know? It was like traveling in the circus. Get done with the show, and you were in the hotel room. Just like the old days. They put you on the train car, and you rode the train car to the next town, got out, did your deal, and they threw you back in the train car."

Last night's Santino Marella backstage vignette featuring Maria and Ashley did not air to the live crowd inside Madison Square Garden.