More On Today's Suspensions From WWE, Jillian Hall, More

There is a video on the front page of in which Jillian Hall talks about why she won't be auditioning for American Idol this year. You can see the video at

It was announced this afternoon that a developmental wrestler by the name of Neil Bzibziak has been suspended for violations of the WWE Wellness Policy. Bzibziak works under the name "Chett The Jet." Bzibziak was an OVW mainstay until he was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling sometime last year. I reported earlier today that his WWE status was in limbo after an idea to call him up to the main roster fell through and he stopped appearing on developmental shows. If you don't know what he looks like, you can see his picture on the official Florida Championship Wrestling website. Additionally, according to numerous sources, Derrick Neikirk was released from the company earlier in the week. We should have a clarification on his status soon.

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