News On Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, WSX Star To WWE, More News

From John Owens: As rumored, WWE Magazines will be launching WWE Kids, geared towards 6-14 year olds this April. A subscription card can be found in the February 2008 issue of WWE magazine with Jeff Hardy on the cover.


From Myles from Kiev, Ukraine: Just saw Hulk Hogan on RachaelRay on CBS5. They talked about AmericanGladiators, Hogan's Knows Best, Brooke and wrestling business(ofcausewhen Hulkster bodyslammed Andre the Giant). More on RR Website -

From Dr. Keith Lipinski: WSX Star Matt Classic has turned up in OVW working a dark match on Wednesday night defeating Johnny Punch.

From Kerrie: Former WWE superstar Romeo Roselli recently filmed a pilot episode for Comedy Central's newest program "Twisted Reality" along with supermodel Jacey Wyatt ( The couple got "punk'd" into believing they were on a dating show but instead were continually put in less than ideal situations. In movie news, trailers for Romeo's feature films debut have begun to run, as "College Road Trip" and "Baby Mama" are expected to be released around March. In addition, Roselli will take part in the Nu Wrestling Evolution tour of Spain in April, and will mostly likely defend his NWE Heavyweight Championship. Others on the tour include Booker T & Sharmell, Rikishi, Chris Masters, Ultimo Dragon, and Juventud Guerrera. More news concerning major movie roles will be released soon at and