News On TNA/Japan Show Attendance, SD!, RAW, More

The 12/20 Inoki Genome Federation show at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum only drew about 2,500 fans. The promotion announced 6,233 fans in the 12,000 seat arena, but fell well short of that number. The IGF advertised names like Kurt Angle, Booker T (who was replaced on the show by Kendo Kashin), Josh Barnett and Naoya Owaga for the show. The show also featured A.J. Styles, Senshi, and Chris Moore (Masters).


For the month of October 2007, WWE averaged 7,150 fans at live events, with an average gate of $257,400.

RAW on 12/17 did 174,000 Canadian viewers (about a 1.8 rating), while Smackdown on 12/14 did 199,000 viewers (2.1) and ECW on the same evening did 168,000 viewers (1.0).

Former WWE superstar Juvetund Guerrera was at it again. After recently bombing in his live musical debut in Mexico, Juvi grabbed the mic at AAA's annual company awards Christmas party and asked if anyone wanted to hear him sing. They said "No," but he sang anyway.