Official Press Release On JBL's New Energy Drink

The following press release regarding JBL's sponsored energy drink was released earlier today:

WWE World Champion John Layfield and Baywood Launch Mamajuana Energy

Joint Venture between Baywood International, Inc. and Layfield, Inc. Produces Virility Energy Shot


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Baywood International, Inc. (OTCBB:BAYW) announced today that, through Layfield Energy, it is launching MamaJuana Energy, a new virility energy drink for men. The product is inspired by mamajuana, the Caribbean cocktail with a mythical history spanning 400 years. The legendary elixir has been used for everything from common colds to infertility – and is known especially for being a natural aphrodisiac. But MamaJuana Energy's debut in America required intense research since the exact amount of the right ingredients needed to be blended to achieve the effect of the legendary recipe in order to be produced on a mass scale. The result comes as a 2 oz. shot that can be taken straight from the bottle or mixed with a favorite beverage.


"I believed there was an opportunity to recreate mamajuana as an all-natural, new age beverage that would taste good and add fun and excitement to people's lives," said Layfield, CEO of Layfield Energy, Inc. "With the launch of MamaJuana Energy, we're taking energy drinks to a new level."

"The development of Mamajuana Energy from concept to completion has been one of the most exciting projects I have been involved in," said Neil Reithinger, President & C.E.O. of Baywood and director of Layfield Energy. "The product is effective, uniquely packaged, tastes great and brings a whole new perspective to the energy drink market. Working with John and the team at Layfield Energy has been just terrific."

MamaJuana Energy's proprietary formula contains a blend of herbal ingredients that improve virility and increase energy. The non-alcoholic "shot" has a mixed-berry flavor and can be consumed straight or as a mixer. The product is available in 12-Pack cases online at