Official WWE RAW Preview For Tonight - Major Return?, & More News

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Thanks to his nemesis, Mr. McMahon, Triple H has a second chance at the Royal Rumble. But what is the Chairman up to and why would he give one of the men he hates most another chance at glory?


Mr. McMahon had The Game where he wanted him. Thanks to William Regal causing his disqualification loss to Ric Flair, The Game was out of the game. Triple H was out of the Royal Rumble Match and a potential opportunity at a World Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV ? an honor the Chairman knows The King of Kings covets more than anything.

The Cerebral Assassin may want to beware. If Triple H wins his match on Monday night, he will be in the Rumble, but the Chairman wouldn't divulge the identity of his opponent. He wouldn't reveal what type of match Triple H must compete in. (WATCH)

Knowing Mr. McMahon's loathing for The Game, the challenge certainly won't be easy. Who will the Chairman use as a roadblock to Triple H's Royal Rumble dreams? And is he really giving him another opportunity or just setting him up?


Sweet Chin Music or a Mic Check in HD
Also on Raw, Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy will tangle once again. Even before he won his Royal Rumble qualifying match last week against Trevor Murdoch, Michaels was chomping at the bit to face off against his rival. This week, not only does The Showstopper get the chance to battle the Green Bay, Wis., native, he also gets to do it in HD when WWE broadcasts the match in high-definition. Will HBK lull Mr. Kennedy to sleep with crisper, clearer Sweet Chin Music? Or will the self-proclaimed "Future of Sports-Entertainment" throw Michaels a sharper Mic Check?

Rivalry Reaches New Heights
In other Raw action, Jeff Hardy was out for revenge last week when he squared off against Randy Orton in what was supposed to be an Intercontinental Championship match. Instead, after a low blow from Orton, Hardy lashed out at the Legend Killer and took his skills to new heights ? literally. The high-flyer climbed a rigging tower and dropped an incredibly dangerous Swanton Bomb onto Orton, sending both men out of the arena on gurneys. Just how far is Hardy willing to go to avenge his brother, Matt, after Orton punted his head? And just how will Orton respond to the challenge?


Find out all this and more when WWE goes HD for the first time as Raw emanates from Hampton, Va., live on USA Network at 9/8 CT.