PR: Huge Announcement Regarding TNA This Friday

- From a Press Release:

Huge announcement regarding TNA this Friday

Dixie Carter made a surprise visit to England this weekend for press interviews with regards to some massive news that we are told no UK fan will want to miss. She met with several mainstream media sources in central London where she gave them some major information regarding TNA's increased expansion plans for the UK in 2008.


An exclusive deal has been stuck with the Daily Star national newspaper which reaches over 1 million homes across Great Britain daily. Therefore in this Fridays Fighting Talk column, the news that she broke will be announced first. This will be followed up with more information about the announcement appearing later in the day on the Sun Online website. The Sun and the Daily Star are two of the UK 's largest newspapers so the speculation is that the news will be something very big.

Although nothing can be confirmed officially, it is highly likely that this announcement could relate to the large rumour currently circulating on a potential TNA UK tour being confirmed for some point this year. If this is the case it would be massive news for the UK , with TNA recently being moved to the highly successful Bravo 1 channel in England recently and thus greatly increasing its status in Europe .


For more details please check out this Fridays Fighting Talk with Patrick Lennon in the Daily Star newspaper, which is available from all UK newsagents.