Recap of Hulk Hogan on Conan O'Brien

Here's my recap of Hulk Hogan's appearance on Conan O'Brien from last night:

The Hulkster came out and did his signature posing routine. Conan joined in.

Conan started the interview by comparing his leg to Hulk's forearms. Hogan said Conan has been doing a great job without his writers, who are still on strike. Conan asked how he can have a body like Hulk's. Hulk revealed that he was a little kid fat, used to pig out on soda and candy bars and never got dates in high school. He said he would never take his shirt off at the beach and Conan said his wife has never seen his bare chest. Hulk said he never really exercised and instead played music.


Hulk recommended that Conan try out for American Gladiators because of his height and agility. Hulk said that the contestants on his show have the speed advantage, despite the fact that the gladiators are stronger.

Conan said they dug up an old picture of Hulk from the early 80s with his classic "tornado" chest hair design. Conan then brought up a photoshopped picture of Hogan wearing lederhosen and nothing else. Conan said Hulk would yodel during his match and serve his opponent a cup of hot cocoa after beating them. Hulk begged the writers to please come back.

After a commercial break, Conan mentioned how Hulk is one of those sports figures who can't hide in public. Hogan said that is true even if he shaves his mustache off for one of his "low-budget action movies", people still spot him. They showed a picture of gladiator Titan and mentioned that his uniform looks like he's wearing a bra. Hogan started flexing and "popping" his chest muscles, which terrified Conan.


When Conan asked if a celebrity Gladiators was in the cards, Hulk jumped at the idea. Hogan suggested policemen vs. firemen, Trump vs. Rosie, and even Britney vs. K-fed. Conan said that we're already seeing Britney vs. K-Fed.

Conan said he could not picture Hogan doing anything else but being a pro wrestler. Hogan said one of his first jobs was a bank teller, which only lasted two days. Conan says he can't picture Hulk working at a bank while bare-chested.

Conan then asked Hogan if something he heard was true – that Hulk was originally supposed to be the celebrity that would endorse the cooking grill that eventually went to George Foreman. Hulk said George Foreman got the grill to endorse (and a large part of the $300 million in sales that it made) because Hogan missed a phone call. Hulk's kids were upset that he was always late picking them up for school, so he showed up very early one day and was first in line. When Hulk returned home, he had a message on his answering machine from a business associate saying that George Foreman had already agreed to endorse the grill and Hulk got stuck endorsing a blender, which flopped. Ouch.

They finished up with Conan congratulating Hogan on the success of the American Gladiators.