Recent Wrestling Deaths, WWE Attendance Figures, Booker, & More

Arturo Zaldana let us know that the date of Booker T's "Texas TapOut" Event is 2/16.

Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

- The 1/19 Smackdown show in State College, PA drew 3,700 fans.
- 1/20 Raw in Binghamton drew 3,700 fans.
- 1/21 in Hampton, VA drew a sellout of 7,500 fans.
- 1/21 Smackdown in Upper Marlboro, MD did 3,000 fans.


Randy Barber, 49, a television jobber during the 80's in Georgia passed away on 1/1 from a heart attack.

Roxxy Lunnar (real name Heather Murray), an independent female wrestler in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana passed away on 1/2.

Nick Haplin of Kenton, TN, passed away on 1/6. Haplin died after complaining of being exhausted at a pro wrestling class in Dyresburg, TN. Haplin was rushed to a hospital, and passed away the following day.

Del Adams, an Australian wrestler, passed away at the age of 59. Adams wrestled under the ring name Jim Raye.