RVD Says He Is Not Ready For Full Time Return, More

In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, former WWE and ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam said that he is not ready for a full time wrestling return and he is not sure if he will ever be ready for one.

Rob Van Dam said his surprise appearance at the WWE RAW 15th Anniversary show was a quick in and out appearance while others were getting dressed and feeling the pressure.


Rob Van Dam added that ECW was his "last real serious run of inspiration." He also spoke about his feud with Triple H in 2002: "It was ingenuine. Just like when he pretends that he cares when he says, "Hey, how's it going today? OK, good, good." And he just has that smugness about him where you know when he's walking away from you that he's rolling his eyes or something."

Regarding possibly signing with TNA, RVD said: "I definitely would consider them. I would weigh out everything and decide what really is the best thing to do. When I knew that I wasn't going to re-sign with WWE, which was around WrestleMania time when I knew for sure that I was going to stick to that plan, my first thoughts were, "OK, well there's this TNA."


He said that WWE would be primary if he were to return to wrestling. "WWE and I do have a good-faith understanding that if and when I'm ready to return that I'll be talking to them," RVD said.