- Booker T & Sharmell defeated Robert Roode & Ms. Brooks. During Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks' entrance, we see a shot of the girl who has been "stalking" Roode lately in the TNA crowd. Crowd in Orlando is really behind Booker. The match kicked off with Booker and Roode. Roode avoided locking up with Booker a few times until Booker got a slap to the face in. Roode gets in a few chest chops, but Booker turns that around and gets in some chops of his own. Roode counters a suplex attempt by Booker and gets in a few shots to the back. Booker gets in a few kicks on Roode, but Roode comes back with a quick DDT. Booker comes back with a spin kick that levels Roode. Another big spin kick by Booker on Roode. Roode catches Booker with a few chops and then a quick dropkick. Roode sends Booker to the corner and lands a few kicks as the fans in Orlando chant for Booker. Roode tells Ms. Brooks to leave if she won't get in a few cheap shots on Booker. Ms. Brooks then trips up Booker on the outside with an upset look on her face. Roode gives Booker a backbreaker across the knee and works on his back a bit more. Booker crotches himself on the top rope missing a spin kick on Roode. Roode then tosses Booker over the top rope to the outside. Roode tosses Booker back in the ring, gets a nearfall and then goes to work on his back some more. Roode with a Blockbuster off the top rope on Booker and gets a close two count. Roode holds back the arms of Booker and forces Ms. Brooks to slap him. She goes it, but again with an upset look on her face. Roode gets back in the face of Ms. Brooks and tags her in by accident. Sharmell gets the tag and she tackles Brooks. Roode throws Sharmell off Brooks and then takes out Booker on the outside. Pinfall by Brooks on Sharmell, Sharmell kicks out, Brooks falls back into Roode who gets knocked off the ring apron and then Sharmell rolls up Brooks to get the pinfall.

After the match, an angry Robert Roode gets in the face of Ms. Brooks. Brooks slaps Roode and then Roode pushes her away when she goes for more. Roode grabs Brooks by the hair and Brooks tries to fight him off when Sharmell hits the ring and grabs Roode. Roode swings back and takes out Sharmell. Sharmell hits the ring with a thud and the Orlando crowd gives a huge reaction to this. Roode starts to say he is sorry right away and they go to a camera shot of Booker at the top of the babyface ramp who can't believe what he just saw. Booker charges the ring and Roode runs off yelling that he is sorry. Booker attends to Sharmell as Ms. Brooks is upset as well. Don West left his post at the announcers table to check on Sharmell. TNA referees and Booker help Sharmell to the back.

- Backstage, Crystal is with Christian Cage and she can't believe what they just saw with Sharmell. Cage says, "Yeah, yeah, it's a tragedy, ask me questions." Cage talks about seeing potential in AJ Styles and talks about giving him tough love. He talks about Karen Angle being a cougar in heat trying to seduce Styles earlier tonight. Cage called Karen a joke and that her seduction ways won't work tonight because tonight he will defeat her husband to become the next TNA World Champion.

- Back live, Mike Tenay and Don West do the "soft tone" talking about Sharmell. They introduce the next part of the beer drinking contest.

- Game 2 is on between Eric Young and James Storm. They have bottles of beer taped to their hands and can't get up to go to the bathroom. Young wins when it is revealed that Storm wet himself. Storm said his pants were just made that way until Jackie Moore smells the area in question to confirm. We are tied 1-1 in the beer drinking contest.

- Back live, we see the TNA crew setting up the Ultimate X structure. They are using the Ultimate X setup with the ring ropes. Tenay and West talk about the game plan for the two teams involved in this match next.

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