– Kaz defeated Black Reign. Kaz with lots of quick offense early on including a springboard elbow taking out Reign. Kaz catches Reign with a jumping clothesline off the ring apron. Reign responds sending Kaz back first into the guard railing. Reign misses a spear attempt and hits the guard railing as well. Kaz starts kicking Reign up the ramp. Don West also said Kaz is "kicking him the ass" for the best line of the night so far. Kaz favors his hip after catching it on the ramp when he was tossed off. Reign drags Kaz back to the ring and drops his head onto the map through the second rope. Kaz hangs on so Reign leaves the ring and cracks him with a big punch to send him into the ring. Reign plants Kaz again in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Reign with a snapmare into a neck submission on Kaz. Kaz attempts a comeback, but Reign kills it with a knee to the gut. Reign hits Kaz with a modified stunner, but Kaz gets a shoulder up during the pinfall attempt. Kaz makes a comeback with a series of kicks on Reign followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Big spot saw Kaz springboard into the ring and catch Reign with a big DDT. Kaz misses a springboard leg drop and Reign hits a modified Pedigree. Kaz counters a reverse DDT attempt by Reign and counters it into a reverse DDT of his own to get the pinfall. After the match, Kaz grabs the cage with Misty the Rat in it and leaves with it. Reign sees this and screams out at Kaz to come back.


- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt and Karen Angle. Borash said he couldn't understand why AJ Styles would do this to them. Angle said Borash is just an interviewer and that there is no "we" here. Karen tells Kurt she will take care of business tonight and leaves. Kurt makes Borash follow her.