– LAX defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave. They showed how a "mystery member" of LAX has been attacking Christy Hemme recently. Solid reaction for LAX in Orlando. Mike Tenay notes how this is the first PPV match of 2008. Rave gets in a quick pinfall attempt on Homicide early in the match, but Homicide breaks out and responds with a big overhead press slam. Hoyt got involved quickly and hit Homicide with a big overhead suplex. Hernandez then stared down Hoyt. Hoyt attempts shoulder blocks on Hernandez but he won't go down. Hoyt gets tossed to the outisde. Rave with a big takedown on Homicide right on the ring apron that ends with a loud thud. Hernandez then dives over the top rope and takes out Hoyt to get a big reaction. Catapult, clothesline and splash double-team move by LAX on Rave. Hoyt shows his strength and face plants Homicide in the ring with a side walk slam move. Hernandez with a dual clothesline over the top rope on Hoyt and Rave. Hernandez with a big powerbomb on Rave, but Hoyt responds with a moonsault off the top taking him out. Homicide with a suicide dive through the ropes on Hoyt. Christy Hemme prevents a powerbomb attempt by Hernandez on Rave by pulling Rave off his shoulders. Finish sees Hernandez hit Rave with a Border Toss off the top rope for the pinfall. After the match, the "mysterious" LAX member hits the ring. She reveals herself to be Shelly Martinez aka the former Ariel in WWE/ECW. She takes off her clothes to reveal an LAX t-shirt and short shorts. Crowd in Orlando gave her a pretty good response.


- We go to footage from last night featuring a drinking contest between Eric Young and James Storm. Jeremy Borash, Crystal and Jackie Moore are also there. Game 1 is the "never have I ever" drinking game. They both agree on seeing Ms. Brooks' boobs. James Storm has been to the moon in 1997, killed a lion and some other stuff I didn't catch. Storm wins Game 1.

- Back live, Mike Tenay and Don West go over the card tonight.

- Backstage, Crystal is with AJ Styles and Tomko. Tomko yells at AJ and says he will have more problems if they don't focus on their tag team title match tonight against Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash. They still want a "decision" from AJ on the Kurt Angle/Christian Cage situation. Didn't we get that on Thursday night?