TNA's Low PPV Ticket Sales, Ice Cube/Benoit, Hart, Kid Kash, & More News

Mark sent this in: I am a big fan of TNA, although their booking has been poor for quite some time now. That said, I do enjoy seeing TNA Live. As you know next month they are running their February PPV live from Bi-Low Centre in Greenville, SC, tickets for this event went on sale in early December (Fri, 12/07/07), yet as of last week there were still front row ring side seats available and as of today they still have second row seats. This does not look good as TNA starts taking more of their PPV's on the road. I am not sure how they plan to cover up such a poor attendance on camera, hopefully tickets will start selling when matches are released as I know they have a barbed wire massacre 2 in the works.

Brian Bentley sent this in: I don't know if you are aware of this yet, but Jimmy Hart is on the People's Court today. I passed through earlier and it was on, though I am not sure at this time what it is regarding. All I know is that he is the defendant.

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is scheduled to be appearing at the San Jose Auto Show in San Jose, CA on behalf of Comcast this Saturday, January 12th, between 12pm and 2pm.

Former WWE Women's Champion Lita and her band, the Luchagors are playing Monday February 25th in Springfield, IL @ Club CHROME. Tix are $8. Doors open at 6. Supporting acts are DinyourA, Future Cadavers of America, and All Murder. For hot stunning photos of Lita visit

Shawn Moniz of sent this in: After our recent interview with former WWE star Kid Kash, he informed us that he may be tag teaming with Jerry Lynn. He is interested in finding out what his fans think of this tag team. If fans would like to participate the link is here, all questions will be forwarded onto Kash himself:

Kevin Melcarek sent this in: Just wanted to let everyone know that ESPN CLASSIC is now showing two half hour episodes of the early 90's version of the UWF. The shows are being aired here in the Chicagoland area at midnight and 12:30 am.

Christoffer Sahlgren sent this one: A new Ice Cube music video features some quick footage of Chris Benoit. Despite the context of the video and song, it has nothing to do with the Benoit tragedy the best I can tell and the footage was simply used as a quick pro wrestling reference.

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