Updates on WWE PPV's, The Wrestler, Savage-WWE, More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer

- WWE.com has a photo gallery of memorable WWE moments that took place at Madison Square Garden. One picture features Jesse Ventura pointing at Hulk Hogan during SummerSlam 1998 where they mistake Ventura for Savage. The caption under the photo reads: "Macho" Man Randy Savage fires up partner Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam '88"


- WWE's original numbers for the 2007 Cyber Sunday pay-per-view had the show doing 191,000 buys. New numbers have been released that lists the PPV at 292,000 buys. WWE's 2007 Survivor Series pay-per-view only drew 325,000 buys worldwide, 200,000 of which came from North America. Survivor Series did it's worse numbers in years as these were down from the previous year's 383,000 and 234,000 numbers. It should also be noted that WWE's corporate website totaled 852,000 buys for PPV events held in October & November of 2007. They have 275,000 buys for No Mercy & 325,000 for Survivor Series. That would leave Cyber Sunday at 252,000 buys, so there appears to be a discrepancy somewhere. This should all be cleared up soon when the company releases their final year-in-review financial statements in early February.


- Actor Mickey Rourke, star of the upcoming movie The Wrestler, was in attendance at CZW's Cage of Death IX show recently. He will be returning to the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia on 2/8 and 2/9 to film scenes for the movie. Filming begins on 2/8 at 3PM. All CZW fans who would like to appear in the movie as extras are invited to appear at the Arena at 3PM that Friday. The only requirement to be a part of Friday's filming is you must have a ticket to the CZW show the next day, Saturday.