WWE's New Announcer Sucking It Up?, RAW Star Turns 45, 'Taker

New WWE announcer Mike Adamle is said to be "terrible live." At one point, he was the butt of a joke in that a radio disc jockey Steve Dahl encouraged people to tune in to see him mess up. The radio DJ even had several compilation tapes of Adamle's mess-ups on newscasts.


WWE World Tag Team Champion Bob "Hardcore" Holly turns 45 years old today.

Michael Griffin sent these notes in: Hey guys, just a quick message to say that Sky Sports ran a brief commercial showing various superstars but with a background voice saying "Which will end, the career of a 16 time world champion, or will the phenom become 16-0? Find out, live on Sky Box Office." This hints strongly at Ric Flair vs The Undertaker. One more note, Sky Sports is soon adding a fifth sports channel to it's line-up, and a third HD channel, so there is a possibility that this could cater for extra HD programming, and therefore WWE HD broadcast in the UK.