WWE News & Notes On Bobby Lashley, Candice & More

I was watching BET's 106 & Park on Thursday(1-24-08) and towards the end of the show, out of no where, MVP shows up on the show. They talk about what MVP stands for and about how he got his name and all that. Then they asked if he would give a brief summary on his life. MVP basically told how he was from Miami and how he would make the wrong descions that led him to prison for 9 years and how a guard knew a guy who did professional wrestling and that's what got him into the game. Shortly after that story, the crowd began to chant M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P! They continue chanting for a couple seconds then Rocsi(co-host) asks MVP to show some of his moves. M-V-P plus Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 and then shows how he would execute the playmaker on Terrence(co-host). After that,MVP plugs the Royal Rumble and fan access tour as well, that pretty much is all that happen with him on BET's 106 & Park. [Thanks to Travis H.]


Candice Michelle was a guest on the new Tom Green show along with Mark Walberg. You can watch the show in its visiting Tom Green's official website, TomGreen.com. [Thanks to Dan Nestor]

Just a note about the news about Bobby Lashey parting ways with WWE, just recently, WWEShop.com has put both Bobby Lashey's "Dominate" T-Shirt and his Fathead graphic up on clearance. If anything, it's a possible indicator that WWE will announce his departure very shortly, since WWE tends to always clearance it's released wrestlers merchandise, especially if we all remember Carilto was planning on leaving and WWE put all of his stuff on clearance late last year around the same time the news was buzzing. [Thanks to Hardcore Hecxz]