WWE Royal Rumble: John Cena eliminates HHH to win the Rumble

Tazz and Joey Styles introduced a video package covering some stats for the Rumble.

Michael Buffer opened the Rumble explaining the rules of the event and finished with his "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" slogan. All three announce teams were annoucing this match.


30 Man Royal Rumble
The two men who finished the Royal Rumble last year entered first as The Undertaker, who entered at #30 last year, drew #1. Shawn Michaels drew #2.

After 90 seconds of fast paced action, Santino Marella entered the ring at #3. HBK quickly hit Marella with the superkick and Undertaker dumped Marella over the top.

The Great Khali entered at #4. Khali immediately hit Taker with a chop and took him down while HBK was still down. Crowd started a loud chant of "You Can't Wrestle". Shortly thereafter, Taker jumped Khali over and it's back to HBK and Undertaker.

Hardcore Holly enters at #5. John Morrison enters at #6, so we have Holly, Morrison, HBK and Undertaker all in the ring. Tommy Dreamer came in at #7 to a big pop and loud "ECW" chants. Loud "Tommy Dreamer" chants, and he's had the loudest ovation of anyone so far tonight.


Batista comes in at #8 and takes down everyone, and Batista and Undertaker are left standing before Dreamer interferes. Batista then eliminated Dreamer. Hornswoggle comes in at #9 and goes under the ring. Chuck Palumbo comes in at #10, Hornswoggle remains under the ring. Jamie Knoble comes in at #11 and immediately starts fighting with Palumbo. Palumbo then eliminated Knoble.

CM Punk comes in at #12 to a huge response. Shortly after entering, Punk eliminated Palumbo. Cody Rhodes enters at #13.

Umaga enters at #14 and almost immediately eliminates Hardcore Holly. Snitsky enters at #15 and The Miz entered at #16. Miz immediately started going after Punk. Shelton Benjamin is in at #17. Shawn Michaels quickly eliminated Benjamin with a superkick. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was a surprise entrant at #18. Superfly moved a little better here than I've seen lately. JR noted that Michaels and Undertajer have been in the match for over 25 minutes.

Another surprise entrant at #19 as Roddy Piper came in heavier than ever to a huge ovation. He immediately went after Snuka, reliving their feud from 1984. Kane came in at #20. He eliminated Piper and Snuka. Carlito came in at #21. And for those keeping score, Hornswoggle is still under the ring.


Mick Foley came in at #22. Huge response for Foley. The crowd, which was dead for the undercard matches has come alive for the Rumble. Mr. Kennedy then came in at #23, also to a big response. Big Daddy V came in at #24.

Undertaker eliminated Snitsky, HBK then eliminated Michaels, and then Michaels was thrown out by Mr. Kennedy. Mark Henry then came in at #25. Undertaker decimated Snitsky on the outside. Hornswoggle then came out from under the ring and helped eliminate the Miz who was hanging onto the top rope. Chavo Guerrero came in at #26. Kane eliminated Morrison. Mark Henry drug Hornswoggle in the ring, and then Finlay ran in to protect him. Finlay and Hornswoggle then left the ringside area even though Horsnwoggle was never technically eliminated.

Jim Ross then noted that Finlay was disqualified for jumping the gun and entering the ring early. Elijah Burke then came in at #28. Chavo eliminated Punk.

Triple H came in at #29 and eliminated Cody Rhodes. He then eliminated Big Daddy V, Mick Foley and Elijah Burke who got tied up with Foley on the way out. He then hit a pedigree on Umaga.

Huge shock as John Cena then came in at #30 to a huge response! Cena threw out Carlito, Henry, Chavo and stood face to face with Triple H. Triple H was shocked to see Cena. They started going back and forth. Batista eliminated Kennedy and Umaga. Triple H and Batista eliminated Kane.


It's now down to Cena, HHH and Batista.

After a few minutes of action, HHH eliminated Batista and we're down to Cena and HHH. They both pointed to the WrestleMania sign and the crowd was on fire.

Surprisingly the crowd already turned on Cena and they chanted "Yay!" when Triple H would hit Cena, and "Boo" when it was the other way around. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle, went for the FU but both guys hit each other with a double clothesline. Cena got Triple H in a FU and dumped Triple H to shockingly win the Royal Rumble!