WWE SmackDown! Preview: First-time Fisticuffs

Source: WWE.com

For the first time ever on SmackDown, The Great Khali and the Irishman, Finlay, will battle one-on-one. Trouble kicked up between the two Monday night on Raw when the Punjabi powerhouse attacked Hornswoggle. The little guy's guardian, Finlay, charged the ring and walloped Khali with his trusty shillelagh. Can the man who loves to fight cut the giant down to size? Or will The Great Khali put Finlay down for the count?


No stranger to in-ring battles with No. 1 contender Rey Mysterio is Chavo Guerrero, who showed solidarity with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge when they attacked CM Punk on ECW on Sci Fi. Now, for the first time ever, ECW Champion CM Punk will team with the Master of the 619 to take on the team of the World Champion Edge & Guerrero. What will happen when these four men square off with just nine days left until Royal Rumble? Will SmackDown's General Manager Vickie Guerrero lend an authoritative hand to her lover Edge and Chavo?

Already qualified for the Royal Rumble Match, last year's winner, Undertaker will kick off SmackDown this Friday night. What will The Phenom have to say to Big Daddy V, Mark Henry & Matt Striker? Undertaker defeated Striker & the World's Strongest Man in a Handicap Match last week, but The Dominating Force in WWE fired the biggest shot by attacking Undertaker after the match. As these behemoths head onto a collision course, will The Deadman find a way to make his latest threats rest in peace or will the trio of Striker, Big Daddy V & Mark Henry overpower and dismantle Undertaker before Royal Rumble?


Also last week, United States Champion MVP found out that his mission to end Ric Flair's livelihood in a Career Threatening Match at Royal Rumble does not sit well with some of "Naitch's" closest friends ? particularly Batista. The Ballin' Superstar was counted out in his match against Flair's former prot?g? and tag team partner on SmackDown, and when he tried to even the odds with a steel chair, The Animal erupted and leveled MVP with a spear. Will the Franchise Playa pull out all the stops to bring the career of Ric Flair to an end? Find out when the brazen MVP welcomes Ric Flair to the VIP Lounge on SmackDown.

SmackDown Superstars Undertaker, Batista, Jamie Noble, Kane and Finlay have all earned their place in the Royal Rumble Match. Who else will look to join the Rumble to earn a title opportunity at WrestleMania XXIV?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more on SmackDown, Friday night at 8/7 CT on The CW Network.