WWE SmackDown Preview: HDTV First Time Ever

Source: WWE.com

As the Superstars of SmackDown ready themselves for the Royal Rumble, SmackDown prepares itself for a monumental change on Friday, when it will be presented in HDTV for the first time ever. SmackDown goes HD this Friday


The Rated-R Superstar once again used his strength in numbers with Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder to attack Rey and CM Punk last week on SmackDown. Similar tactics were employed on ECW on Sci Fi when the Ultimate Opportunist's spear aided Chavo in seizing the ECW Championship. Following the World Heavyweight Champion's involvement, the Straightedge Superstar will make a special trip to SmackDown where he meets Edge in a non-title confrontation. Will Punk find retribution for an arguably unfair loss of his ECW gold?

Also, with Edge's World Heavyweight Championship Match against Rey Mysterio at Royal Rumble, will the champion or his challenger gain the upper hand heading into their title showdown? That said, what is ahead for the newly forged "Guerrero family" on Friday night?


Last week on SmackDown, Undertaker warned every participant in the Royal Rumble Match that he is on a mission to destroy their souls and claim his second straight Rumble Match victory. One Superstar intent to see The Phenom not make it to the Royal Rumble is Big Daddy V. The Dominating Force in WWE unsuccessfully attacked Undertaker on SmackDown, and this Friday night the two behemoths will come face-to-face in action. Will The Deadman display his power just days before the Royal Rumble or will Big Daddy V's plan to dismantle Undertaker come to fruition?

Finlay has made a habit of protecting Hornswoggle no matter the cost, and on SmackDown he paid a heavy price when he was decimated by The Great Khali's Vise Grip. The Irishman's pain turned to promise when Mr. McMahon informed him that this Friday, he would go one-on-one with Khali in a Belfast Brawl. The rules seem to be tipped in Finlay's favor; will he find revenge on The Great Khali or will the Punjabi giant have a firm "grip" on the showdown? With the rules thrown out the pub window ? just how Finlay likes it, will he make his mark or will the 7-footer take advantage and cause his own brand of damage in this unique battle?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more on SmackDown, Friday at 8/7 CT on The CW Network.