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According to local advertising, next week's Raw taping is now promoting a Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton & JBL dark main event. Orton vs. Jericho was originally being promoted by WWE for the taping.

The following was issued by WWE: STAMFORD, Conn., December 21, 2007 – In a year where WrestleMania® 23 shattered records and Raw®'s 15th anniversary special brought legends such as Hulk Hogan back to the ring, World Wrestling Entertainment® has been ranked among the top 10 Internet searches of 2007. On leading portals AOL, Yahoo! and Lycos, WWE bested such household, Hollywood and sports terms as Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, NASCAR, MLB, NFL, and NBA. On AOL, WWE was the No. 1 most searched sports term, beating out all other major sports leagues, the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and others. WWE Superstar John Cena® was the No. 1 searched term among athletes, surpassing popular athletes David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Michael Vick, Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter. Overall, WWE placed 10th among all AOL search terms. On Yahoo!, WWE placed No. 2 on the site's "Top 10 Searches in 2007," behind Britney Spears. On Lycos, WWE placed 10th among top search terms of 2007. 2007 has been a banner year for WWE with many great accomplishments through successful partnerships with Google, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, IGN, Millions of Us, The Electronic Sheep Company and Gaia Online. This year, WWE.com averaged the highest-ever trend for monthly unique visitors per month with approximately 18 million, compared to 16 million in 2006. The day after this year's Wrestlemania marked WWE.com's highest one-day page view total ever with 68 million, compared to only 31.6 million in 2006.

Shawn Moniz of Wrestle-Complex.com sent this in: Our site recently did an interview with former WWE star Kid Kash. In the interview, he talks about working in WWE and on a possible return in the future.

Stefan Gorges of www.BSWW.de sent this in: I just wanted to note that Batista dominates WWE in 2007 by having most matches (161) and most wins (132). In 2006, John Cena won with 177 matches and 148 wins.

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