Austin Looking For Movie Roles, New WWE Wrestler, Chavo, & More

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is looking for non-WWE movie work since they only have one movie earmarked at the moment, that being a film starring John Cena, which is slated for release in September. No word yet if Austin has managed to land anything. WWE Films' The Condemned and his small role in The Longest Yard in 2005 alongside some other wrestlers remain as Austin's lone movie credits.

WWE has signed Ohio independent wrestler Tyrone Evans to a developmental contract. You can see a video of him cutting a six-minute promo and introducing himself at

Ahmed Johnson was mentioned last night on an episode of Sports Center on ESPN. A clip was shown of a hard NFL tackle then one of the hosts said "That's what I call a Pearl River Plunge but where's Ahmed Johnson when you need him". has released a Chavo Guerrero t-shirt.

Santino threatens Maria that he will pose in Playgirl -

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