Brooke Hogan Bikini Pics, Y2J, More

From Jeff Sheridan: I couldn't find a link on for this, but on page 14 in the 2/25 edition of the New York Post has a photo of Brooke Hogan wearing a blue-green bikini on the beach. Underneath it, it says: "Brooke Hogan, budding recording artist & TV personality & daughter of Hulk Hogan, catches air with a jump in the sand in Miami Beach".


Reader Nathan Paull sent this? The release date for Fozzy's All That Remains Reloaded CD+DVD is set for March 25th, and is already available for pre-orders at retailers like Amazon. Reloaded features WWE superstar Chris Jericho together with the members of Stuck Mojo in a re-issue of the All That Remains CD with new artwork (which can be viewed at retailers such as Amazon) and features the band live in front of 20,000 fans in the UK.