Dawn Marie In A Bikini, Paul Heyman, Roadkill's Health, OVW, More

  • Former ECW star Amish Roadkill gives an update on his health on his MySpace page at MySpace.com. He wrote: "I went to the neck and spine specialist today and he told me that I have to get a Mylogram. That is a procedure where they shoot dye into your spinal colum in order for the results to show up on an x-ray. I have already gone through 3 weeks of physical threapy, and when I tuck my head forward, I get a "shock" sensation in my left hand. The specialist told me that "this should not be accuring," and recomended the Mylogram. He also told me that it would be unsafe for me to return to the ring at this time. One wrong hit or bump could lead to paralyzation."

  • WWE developmental wrestlers from OVW are expected to report to Tampa by the end of the first week in March, so they have about two weeks. WWE provided talent with money to help cover the cost of moving and finding a new place to live.

  • The Baltimore Sun has an article up at baltimoresun.com noting that Kevin Nash has assisted in helping Sean Waltman and Scott Hall get checked into rehab facilities to help them overcome their problems.

  • The second edition of the "Heyman Hustle" is now online on the official Sun website. The latest episode features Heyman hanging out in snowy New York with "the Naked Cowboy," some stars from Jackass, and two brief clips of former WWE Diva Dawn Marie in a bikini. You can see his latest video at this TheSun.co.uk.

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