Fan Cries Meeting Ultimate Warrior, Maria/Ashley/Playboy, More

Contrary to what I reported here earlier this week, it appears that Samoa Joe's contract extends well beyond June of 2008. Mike Johnson of the Pro Wrestling Insider has confirmed with TNA sources that Joe is "locked up, long term" – through 2010 or 2011.


According to, WWE Divas Maria and Ashley were spotted at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles Tuesday night at a party in honor of NBC's premiere of Knight Rider.

Starting on Wednesday, February 27, reruns of the UWF will be replaced by episodes of the original AWA.

Chyna appeared on a radio show last Sunday talking about her appearance on Celebrity Rehab. She also said that she wants to return to New Japan wrestling.

You can see a video of an emotional fan meeting his idol the Ultimate Warrior at the WrestleSlam UK wrestling convention over the weekend at this Wow, lol.