Gender Of Stephanie's 2nd Baby, RAW Rating Delay, 'Taker, More

  • The 2/16 edition of AM RAW did a 0.8 rating.
  • Monday's RAW rating was delayed due to the holiday but it should be in soon.
  • Best Buy already has price SKU's for Wrestlemania on DVD and Blu-ray. The normal DVD edition will run $19.99 while the 3 disc special edition including the Hall of Fame will run $24.99. The Blu-ray edition will run $34.99 and will include all the extras on the special edition DVD.
  • Lance Storm criticizes Undertaker's new submission hold in his latest blog at
  • In the latest issue of WWE Magazine they talk about the Wrestlemania set up. They mention that there will be a tarp incase it rains, 10 times the ammount of pyro used on Raw and a special lighting ring that has been built from the ground up. Also the ring will be setup on the 50 yeard line.
  • Stephanie McMahon is reportedly expecting a baby girl, which would be her second, this summer.
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