Heat On HHH, Goldberg?s New Project, WWE HD/Comcast

– Triple H still has some backstage heat on him for apparently holding other wrestlers back when they get too popular or too over, although nobody says anything about it out loud. One of the most famous cases of HHH trying to hold someone back was Kurt Angle, when he said flat out that Angle was too small for the job. Despite The Game's politicking, Angle would go on to hold the WWE World Heavyweight, Undisputed, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore, and Tag Team championships during his run with the company. John Cena is viewed as the only guy to really make it big that HHH hasn't tried to work against backstage.


– Thanks to site reader Scot for sending this in: I work for Comcast up in Massachusetts and have been trying to get info on if and when WWE PPV prices will increase. We haven't been told of any price increases and they would give us 3 months advance notice. I also asked about getting INPPV HD (the channel all major PPVs in HD are on) anytime soon, and we expect this to be happening within the next few months as we have been getting lots of requests for UFC & WWE.

– Bill Goldberg is endorsing a new energy drink coming out soon named Goldberg's Jackhammer Java which is being put out by a company called Legends Cup Coffee.