Jim Ross On Roger Clemens, WWE Hall Of Fame, Triple H, Chyna

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are some of the highlights:

Not the greatest week to be Roger Clemens, as he and his former trainer were questioned by the federal government for several hours on Wednesday, in our nation's capitol. I remain steadfast that Clemens is innocent until proven guilty, but without question either "The Rocket" or former trainer and NYPD cop Brian McNamee were not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth Wednesday. I never have understood the logic of why Roger wanted to testify before Congress when it was his decision to do so. Perhaps just being competitive, which Clemens is known for being or was it bad advice from his seemingly publicity starved attorney, Rusty Harden, who also represented the J.Howard Marshall estate against Anna Nicole Smith once upon a time. Rusty is a BTP (big time player) who has got to be charging Clemens big bucks for the barrister's services. What was really settled in the ballyhooed hearing? Beats the hell out of me, but Clemens' name will unfortunately never quite be the same.


I've said it before, all entities who have athletes who look to gain an unfair advantage thru illegal or dangerous drug abuse should simply enact a zero tolerance. I find it somewhat ironic that Congress is raising hell about HGH while another branch of the federal government, the Food and Drug Administration, long ago approved the manufacturing of HGH and seemingly have turned their heads on how the drug is dispensed by AMA licensed physicians, which is a long way from treating dwarfism, for which HGH was originally approved or so I hear.

The WWE has not released any names that will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month but one can assume that the roster of inductees will be released on a weekly basis after No Way Out this Sunday on Pay Per View. With WM24 being in Florida's Citrus Bowl, one could assume that there will be a Florida flavor to the proceedings, which speaks to my ringing endorsement of the late Gordon Solie, arguably the greatest play by play voice ever in the business, and Jack and Jerry Brisco who left this home in Oklahoma in the 60s to make Florida their home and both went on to one of the most distinguished careers, both as singles wrestlers and as a team, in the history of the business. Plus, if one talks about Florida Championship Wrestling, how could promoter Eddie Graham be omitted from this class? It will be interesting to see who is inducted and who will be honored as presenters for the event that sees tickets going on sale on Saturday March 1 for the event that will be held at the Amway Arena in Orlando the night before Wrestlemania.


The WWE has been literally all over the world the past several days drawing some huge crowds on a variety of foreign soils.

Honolulu, not on foreign soil for the record, was a successful night for the WWE Superstars Wednesday, as the arena was close to capacity and had significantly more fans attending than the last Honolulu event in the same old arena. Santiago, Chile was totally sold out with over 12,000 fans cramming the facility. Earlier in the week Guadalajara and Quito, Ecuador both were complete sellouts, plus the two dates in Japan grossed over $1.3M. The global growth of the WWE is nothing short of amazing. I admire the men and women who have logged thousands of air miles since I last saw them in Austin, Texas.

Rumor has it that former WWE Superstar Chyna, one of the individuals currently appearing on VH-1's trainwreck known as Celebrity Re-hab is looking to possibly hook up with New Japan Pro Wrestling. There might be nothing to this rumor, but I do wonder if New Japan would endorse Chyna wrestling their male stars in today's marketplace? That wouldn't be my call.

Props go out to HHH for joining the WWE tour in progress after his family's tragic loss, when he could have easily opted out of the trip and simply came to Las Vegas for No Way Out. Yours truly will undoubtedly be accused of kissing ass here, but the simple fact is that from my experience over the years managing the WWE talent roster, that many superstars would have opted out of commitments such as a lengthy international tour for far less legitimate reasons than "The Game" had.