Major News For RAW Tonight - Flair, Orton, Cena, & More!

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Family Matters
February 11, 2008

Next Monday night, tough love will be taken to new extremes on Raw when Mr. McMahon and his bastard son, Hornswoggle, take their family squabble inside the ring, where they will fight in a No Disqualification Match against each other.


Their strained relationship snapped after Hornswoggle didn't win the Royal Rumble Match. The disgusted Chairman insisted his son join his Kiss My Ass Club, but rather than pucker up, the little guy was saved by Finlay and, instead, chomped down on his dad's rear. That's when an enraged Mr. McMahon set up the No Disqualification Match with a special stipulation. If Finlay, who has become known as Hornswoggle's "great protector," interferes, he will be fired. Will Finlay be able to keep from helping his lucky charm? Will he sacrifice his job for his friend?

And how far will Mr. McMahon go to teach his bastard son a lesson? And what is the deal with the way the Chairman is dealing with him? Is he just trying to toughen up Hornswoggle? Is he jealous of the close bond he and Finlay share? And will Hornswoggle, who has yearned for his affection of his father ??" and a family ??" all his life be able to strike Mr. McMahon if he has to during the No Disqualification Match?


The Strongest Test
In other Raw action, Randy Orton tested John Cena's healed torn pectoral injury. First, the WWE Champion dropped Cena with an RKO early in the night and then attacked him during an arm wrestling contest with Mark Henry. But the former WWE Champ proved that he's ready to rumble when he lifted the 400-pound Henry and dropped him with an FU. What other landmines will Cena have to watch out for from his rival? What else is Orton willing to do to throw Cena off his game before their match at No Way Out? Read more ...

Prelude to the Chamber
And with Jeff Hardy securing the pin during last week's Six-Man Tag Team Match, the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" boasts a head of steam leading up to No Way Out. This Monday, he will look to make a statement when he takes on one of his Elimination Chamber opponent, Shawn Michaels. Read more ...

Meanwhile, what will Umaga, Triple H, JBL and Chris Jericho do to set the pace for the Chamber? JBL and Jericho will write another chapter in their heated rivalry six days before No Way Out. But will they take each other out before they even have a chance to enter the Elimination Chamber? And will Umaga, JBL's alleged bought and paid-for insurance policy, make his presence known? (Exclusive video: Y2J on JBL and their match on Raw)


Career Forfeit?
Last, but definitely not least, Mr. Kennedy has offered an injured Ric Flair the chance to back out of his No Way Out Career Threatening Match – and essentially forfeit his career. Flair has always been a fighter, but is his current leg injury too much to overcome? Will the 16-time World Champion forfeit his career before No Way Out?

The only way to find out is to tune in to Raw next Monday at 9/8 CT on USA Network.