Michelle McCool Blasts Rumors, RAW Star Out 6 Months, Piper, More

  • Highlander Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) underwent surgery on 2/10 on his completely torn pectoral. He will be out of action for six months.
  • The "Hot Rod" Roddy Piper was telling people at the Royal Rumble that he is completely cancer free.
  • Michelle McCool has posted a new blog on WWE.com. McCool mentions former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout Sharmell as one of the Divas/Superstars (past or present) she would choose to be stuck on a deserted island with. Regarding Sharmell, she wrote, "Though she plays a bad girl on TV, she is also one of my best friends. She is so intelligent, witty, and trustworthy. The list goes on." She also mentions Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Finlay and Tommy Dreamer. McCool also addresses WWE's recent tour of South America, her WWE Women's Championship belt aspirations, and 'private lives and public criticism'. McCool talks about people asking how it feels to see people write negative things & false rumors about her and the other WWE stars on the Internet. McCool wrote: "My grandma always said, "Honey, you can't focus on the negative, you have to stay focused on the positive." It's just that easy. Be true to yourself and eventually others will see you for who you are as well." McCool also brings up not signing autographs for fans after a hard trip on the road. She wrote: "Now, that other one percent of the time... there are times when we have been flying for 17 hours straight, on the road anywhere from three to 18 days, already signed autographs for 20 minutes and/or taken pictures with a few people while eating dinner. It's so hard to say no, and I apologize if I have ever given the wrong impression to any of my fans. I guess what I really want to say is that I hope you guys understand if any of the Superstars have ever not been able to spend the time with you that you may have wanted. I love you all so much and have the utmost respect for the support you give us." Regarding McCool's last statement, it appears to be in light of a Guatemalan WWE fan's video turning up on YouTube just last week in which she is shown entering a hotel with Undertaker during WWE's recent tour of South America. The fan shooting the video saw Michelle coming around the corner and decided to call her name, hoping to get a picture with her. However, Undertaker, who was accompanying her, ordered her to keep on walking. In the video, Undertaker can be heard saying, "Move! Move! Move!" as the two Superstars walk by the Guatemalan WWE fan and straight through the hotel. Furthermore, apparently Taker shoved the fan shooting the video. He titled his video as "undertaker push me away!!!" You can see the video in question at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVkQje7KRWo
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