More Backstage Notes From RAW - Latest 'Mania Plans

  • Negotiations to bring in Mayweather lasted almost a year. Shane McMahon put the final deal together and pitched the idea to his good friend Paul White aka Big Show. White was training to be a boxer but realized that it just would not work out. When the idea was pitched to Show he jumped on it and signed a new deal with WWE ASAP. No word yet on where the angle will go but WWE is mulling over all their options today at RAW. As of 5EST today backstage at RAW, the plan for to go with Rey Mysterio & Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show & Shane McMahon. Now you know why Rey Mysterio was so badly wanting to work Wrestlemania despite being injured.
  • The word backstage at RAW today is that the USA Network will be airing the 2008 WWE Hall Of Fame on Saturday, 3/29 at 11pm which will be head to head with the TNA iMPACT! replay. A replay of the Hall of Fame will also air on 3/30 at 2am.
  • has updated their preview for tonight's RAW. The first inductee into the 2008 Hall of Fame will be announced and the first qualifying match for Money in the Bank 4 at WM 24 will take place as well. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also scheduled to appear on RAW. And as previously announced it will Vince McMahon vs. Hornswoggle in a steel cage and Maria must choose between Santino and Playboy.
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