More Notes On ECW/SD!, Jillian Hall Takes Shot At Hannah Montana, More has an in-character interview with MVP promoting Tuesday's SmackDown/ECW tapings in Corpus Christi, Texas. has an article on the official ECW website looking at the charity work that referee Scott Armstrong is doing to help The Zoo of Northwest Florida in Gulf Breeze, Florida which is in danger of getting shut down if it doesn't raise money to repair damages that it sustained during Hurricane Ivan several years ago.

There is an article on WWE's official website in which Jillian Hall takes shots at Hannah Montana and that she's no Britney Spears, but also admits that she's a fan of the show after she watched a marathon last week. Jillian said, "I watched hours of it, I would say. She's funny, in a stupid kind of way. She has these, like, silly catch phrases and stuff that she does all the time. She says stuff like 'sweet nibblets.'' Now, she's not as funny and talented as me, but I'll watch her." You can read the article at

After winning the contest about three months ago, 2007 Diva Search winner Eve Torres will be making her much anticipated official WWE debut tonight on SmackDown as an interviewer.

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